We Have Over 40 Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

More and more pet owners across the country are choosing to bring their pet along on the family vacation each year. If you’ve checked around you already know that there are many accommodation providers that simply aren’t welcoming to your four legged family members. That’s not the case with Sunset Reflections Vacation Rentals. We have over 40 vacation rentals that welcome you and your pets with open arms.  You’re going to love how comfortable and beautifully equipped each of these pet friendly vacation rentals are.

Our pet-friendly vacation rentals aren’t second rate either. These homes are top notch with high end appliances, swimming pools and gorgeous decorations. Everything you (and your pets) need for that perfect vacation is available and waiting for you right here.
Pet Friendly rental in Cape San Blas

Life’s a Blas (above) is a four bedroom, three bathroom, pet friendly home in North Cape San Blas. It’s within walking distance to the beach and just a quick drive to scenic St. Joseph’s State Park and other area attractions. A beautiful patio and deck space is perfect for relaxing after a day at the beach. There’s an enclosed patio with a large wicker sectional, a hot tub, two picnic tables, ice cooler, and a gas grill for dining out. Your reservation includes $250 worth of beach gear and free admission to Cape San Blas activities!
Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Om Shanti Seaside Cottage (above) is a shabby chic four bedroom, three bathroom, newly renovated home in Indian Pass offering Gulf Views. Any pet (and even the kids) will love the screened in porch and fenced in yard. Fully updated kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, lighting, paint and more. Spacious outdoor shower equipped with additional sprayer for dogs. Amenities include wireless internet, washer/dryer, concierge, outdoor grilling station, and all appliances in kitchen. You’ll enjoy your close proximity to broad sandy beaches, unspoiled views and laid back pace of Florida’s forgotten coast. Your reservation includes $250 worth of beach gear and free admission to Cape San Blas activities! Up to two dogs for an additional pet fee of $115.

Cape Oasis (above) is a gorgeous pet-friendly first tier home with a private heated pool with large pool deck, screened-in porch, 2 car garage and lots of space. Your pet will love walks on the beautiful nature trail that winds through the palms and pines behind the house. This five bedroom, four and a half bath home is beautifully decorated and very well equipped with everything you need for a great home away from home. Your reservation includes $250 worth of beach gear and free admission to Cape San Blas activities!
Check our website for an additional 37 pet friendly vacation rental homes that are available.

Pampering Your Dog at the Beach

Did you know that Cape San Blas is one of the top 10 most spectacular dog-friendly beaches in America? Because dogs love going to the beach and we love dogs, we’re sharing the following tips from a recent Facebook post we made to our page. These ideas will help to keep your dog happy and safe.
Pampering Your Dog at the Beach
• Provide plenty of fresh water and shade for your dog. Bring an umbrella tent for shade and a dog bowl for water. Don’t let your dog drink salty ocean water or they will get sick.

• Sand is HOT! If you can’t walk on it with bare feet, then neither should your dog. Hot sand and asphalt can burn your dog’s paw pads.

• Dogs are able to get sunburned. This is especially true of short-haired dogs and those with pink skin and white hair. Limit your dog’s exposure in the sun. When it is unusually strong, apply sunblock to his ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside. Use a sunblock that is specifically made for dogs.

• Check the daily water conditions – dogs are easy targets for jellyfish and sea lice (microscopic larvae of jellyfish). Sea lice are virtually impossible to see when in the water and the only sign that they are present is the blistering rash they cause.

• Salt and other minerals found in the ocean can damage your dog’s coat. When you are ready to leave for the day, rinse him off with fresh water at an outdoor shower found near most beaches.

Pampering Your Dog at the Beach
Most dogs can swim and they love it, but if this is your dogs first time to the beach test them to be sure they can swim.

Tips for teaching your dog to swim:
• Never throw your dog in the water.

• Start in shallow water and call your dog’s name, or coax him in with a treat or toy. Always keep your dog within reach.

• Try introducing your dog to the water with another dog that already swims and likes the water. Your dog will learn from the other dog!

• If your dog begins to doggy paddle with his front legs only, lift his hind legs and help him float. He should quickly catch on and will then keep his back end up.

• Swimming is a great form of exercise but don’t let your dog overdo it. He will be using new muscles and may tire quickly.

• Be mindful of strong tides that are hazardous for even the best swimmers.

• Never leave your dog unattended! You should always be in a position to help him out of the water if he tires quickly.

Pampering Your Dog at the Beach
There are dogs that just don’t like water. Some dogs can’t swim, but they may learn over time. For dogs such as Greyhounds with low body fat, they can sink (and expend extra energy panicking and trying to swim) and are prone to hypothermia. Consider getting them a pet life vest available wherever pet supplies are sold.