Cape San Blas Property Management

Selecting a property management company to care for your home is an important decision. Sunset Reflections by Natural Retreats is committed to taking care of your substantial investment and we appreciate you taking your valuable time to learn more about us.

Please call our General Manager today at (850) 227-1505 for a complete assessment of your potential income and to discuss your personal goals and management needs. We look forward to hearing from you and to maximizing your investment!


Sunset Reflections by Natural Retreats has earned its reputation as the premier, full-service Vacation Rental Property Management Company on the Forgotten Coast by exceeding the expectations of both our homeowners and our guests since 2001. In addition to our exquisite homes and fantastic location, we offer guests round-the-clock access to our team of Xplore experts and on-the-ground team to ensure that your visit to Cape San Blas is all that you've imagined.

About Natural Retreats' Concierge Services

The Xplore team are travel experts, champions of customer service, and gurus of all things Cape San Blas. Not only can they assist in choosing the best accommodation for your group, but they are happy to arrange activities, tours, make reservations, and much more. The Xplore team is here for you throughout your journey. Feel free to give them a call before, during, and after your stay.

The Sunset Reflections by Natural Retreats Difference

We take great pride in our unique ability to handle your investment personally and professionally.  Our occupancy and rental income are the best on the Cape.  In an independent survey, the VRMA (Vacation Rental Managers Association) analyzed our Occupancy Perfomance as:  83% for 2013, 87% in 2014 and our internal numbers indicate we are trending at 93% in 2015.  This translates to putting 32% more rental revenue in our homeowners pockets annually.  Rest assured you are with the very best!

The same VRMA survey shows Sunset also topping the charts for the "Lowest Homeowner Expenses" per vacation home managed. In our rental program, Homeowners enjoy:

  • No Charge for Credit Card Fees

  • No Charge for New or Replacement Linens

  • No Charge for Housekeeping/Cleaning on guest stays (although we do require our owners pay for an annual Deep Clean, which maintains the long-term integrity of the home)

  • No Charge for state-of-the-art New Electronic Locks

  • No Charge for Online Advertising - SEO VRBO, FlipKey, and more

  • No Charge for home photos (a picture speaks a thousand bookings!! Sunset is proud to feature the largest home photos on the web)

  • No Charge for Normal Bulb and Filter Replacement

  • No Charge for the highest level of Property Care


For your FREE $500 GRI Maximizer Consultation and Analysis, call us today!

Property Care

Sunset Reflections by Natural Retreats also offers our professional property care services to property owners who do not wish to rent their property; yet want the same high level of care and oversight for their vacation home.

Let’s face it, walking into your vacation home to discover the pool is green and there is a major leak in your roof can put a damper on your vacation. Give us a call, we provide licensed, bonded and insured house management and we believe that your vacation home shouldn’t turn into your second job.

We know that each home and homeowner is unique, so we can customize your suite of services to meet your demands. A brief array of property care services could typically include:

  • Property care

  • Housekeeping

  • Spring cleaning

  • Monitoring thermostats, air conditioning and heating systems for appropriate temp control

  • Severe weather preparation

  • Landscaping

  • Pool service

  • Indoor plant care

  • Oversee renovations and maintenance

  • Provide weekly home inspections

The cost for this service is determined by the size of your home and list of options you’d like us to take care of. Call or Contact Us Today if you'd like to learn more about our property management services.

Property Improvement

We work diligently to provide you with the maximum income from your vacation rental home with the least amount of headache.

Sunset has a vested interest in making sure that all of our homes look great to command peak occupancy at the best rental rate.

Should you desire to re-fresh your homes’ interior furnishings, want to investigate renovation. Even if you are looking at new construction, let us be your eyes and ears on the Cape. Managing these projects from a distance can be stressful and expensive and our company is located between Cape San Blas and Indian Pass. We have the expertise, talent, and passion to take an active part in ensuring that your home improvements stay on track. We are happy to offer as much or as little help as you’d like.

We’ve worked with all budget ranges and timelines and often collaborate with our homeowners to create a staggered three-year plan to spread out some of the costs while improving your home.

Let us take care of all your home needs:

  • Recommendations to ensure your beach home is up-to-date and competitive in today’s market

  • Referrals for local architects, contractors, and vendors

  • Assistance with Permit applications

  • Home staging

  • Renovation management

  • Construction management

Call or Contact Us Today if you'd like to learn more about our property management services.


"Sunset Reflections has been fantastic - we had rented our house previously through two different companies and > were sorely disappointed. We went from renting our house out 10 weeks a year to renting it out 40 weeks year in > and year out. The team there is the best!!!"

-Owner, All Decked Out

"I am fortunate to have such excellent people taking care of my homes."

-Owner, Cape Oasis

"They always look out for my best interest while making my homes the best they can be for the people that stay there."

-Owner, Sun Chaser

"As an owner, I couldn't be happier with the job Sunset Reflections has done! They have been there to advise me > and to execute on all manner of improvement projects, personal requests, and unexpected situations. I know that > any house I leave with them will be cared for as well as I would care for it (and often better)."

-Owner, Parasol

"Giving a vacation home over to a property manager is something that no one takes lightly. For me, the decision to entrust my home to Sunset Reflections felt almost like saying goodbye to a member of the family. The only reason that I was able to do it was the professionalism and personal warmth that I experienced from their

-Owner, Sugar Dunes

"We have been rental owners for 20+ years on the Cape and have had several management companies. Sunset Reflections has surpassed all of them by far. Bookings have been fantastic and they make renting your property a joy."

-Owner, Southern Belle

"I know from all of the rave reviews and repeat rentals that Sunset Reflections is taking the same friendly and service- oriented approach to their renters as they do with me as a homeowner."

-Owner, Beachfront Paradise

"What we like; a more personal touch - not just a number, but feeling more like a partner. They pay attention to maintenance and repair; stress cleanliness - a tough assignment, and above all, keep the house rented."

-Owner, Just Coastin

"Sunset Reflections is a delight to work with. They are always professional, attentive and helpful."

-Owner, By the Sea

"...Sunset Reflections has been indispensable in helping us get our house ready for rental - it is like having best friends at the Cape looking out for you! We were approached by other rental companies- some offered lower prices, but none compared to Sunset Reflections? they are worth every penny you pay them. Their high standard of customer service extends to both homeowners and renters and explains why homeowners stay with them year after year and why renters book year after year."

-Owner, Easy Breezy

"...reservations wise, I have been pleasantly surprised! We are already booked solidly through the summer and fall seasons, > and I feel very confident that they will exceed our rental projection expectations. Now that is saying something, because I've seen most management services over-estimate their projected rental income, and then underperform."

-Owner, Rosemary Dunes

Call or Contact Us Today if you'd like to learn more about our property management services.

More Features Of Our Property Management Services

  • Full Service Property Management
  • At Sunset we distinguish ourselves by excelling in all aspects of Vacation Rental Property Management.  

    Maximizing your income and caring for your vacation home IS our business.  We don’t sell or list real estate (although we are happy to connect you with the best realtors in the area) instead; our #1 priority is caring for our guests and your vacation home investment.

  • Professional and Caring Team
  • Our dedicated team knows how to maximize your vacation home bookings.   We have expert knowledge of the industry and the Cape San Blas markets. All of our team members are committed to the success of your vacation home and are constantly evaluating industry news and analyzing innovative ideas to provide the absolute best experience for our guests and our homeowners.

  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Sunset Reflections understands the fine art of marketing your home to attract the right clientele and maximize your rental revenue.  Research shows that most guests start working on their vacations on-line.

    Sunset has an easy to use, state-of-the-art website that drives traffic to your property and we also market each property on the nations best aggregate sites.  We pay for all of the marketing of your home and work with top marketing and technology experts at SEO, social media, email campaigns and destination marketing to reach the broadest market possible.

    Our sophisticated on-line booking capabilities and reservationists will be working for you 24/7. 

  • Commitment to Maximizing your Income
  • Sunset Reflections has outperformed the Southeast and the nation two years in a row in Occupancy and Average Income per Home.  The key is constant emphasis on achieving year-round occupancy.  

    Our team is keenly focused on the dynamic Forgotten Coast market and with our proprietary rental rate optimizer we are able to adjust rates in real-time to insure your home is occupied at the highest rent possible.  

    Unlike most management companies, Sunset doesn’t "set-it-and-forget-it" we react quickly to market data, supply and demand and consistently analyze rental trends to maximize your homes rental potential.

  • Proper Care of Your Investment
  • Our team of seasoned professionals are the eyes and ears for your property and we take this responsibility seriously. With a maintenance department that is on call 24/7 we can quickly attend to any problem that arises, and our qualified technicians can usually take care of repairs themselves, at a fraction of the cost of bringing in outside vendors.  When issues do come up, you will be promptly apprised.  If necessary, and with your permission, we rely on our vetted network of the top local contractors and oversee their work. 

    At your invitation, our team can provide you with tips to help make your home more rental friendly and desirable. We have helped our homeowners redecorate on a budget, overseen minor and major renovations as well as new construction. We can do as little or as much as you’d like to make sure that your home stays rented.

    Finally, because most of our homeowners do not live near the Cape, Sunset Reflections has a written Severe Weather Preparedness Plan for each home which is implemented should severe weather be forecasted. 

    We take great pride in caring for all of your vacation rental home needs and protecting the value of your vacation home.

  • Housekeeping
  • We are proud to be one of the only management companies on the Cape that provides a certified housekeeping staff that participates in ongoing and comprehensive continuing education programs and follows a 76-point cleaning plan designed to ensure consistent and thorough cleaning of each home, each week…and then we re-inspect every home to verify that our high standards are met.  

    Our system also provides that the same professional housekeeping team and inspector clean the same home each week.  This way we know if something is missing or broken.

    Sunset's Golden Rule is that we only get one first impression, so our guests walking in to a clean home is critical every week of the year.  We ask for guest feedback on cleanliness and bonus our team on these results.  Year after year we find that these tools help us maintain the highest occupancy on the Cape as well as happy repeat visitors.

  • Trusted Accounting Practices
  • Sunsets accounting and reporting is transparent to our homeowners and we will keep you informed of all financial dealings related to your investment.  We provide easy to understand, detailed monthly Financial Reports (or Statements) that outline all income and expenses.  We also prepare all state and local sales tax payments and reporting.  Finally, we engage a local CPA, with extensive knowledge of and background in Vacation Rental Management to provide third party trust accounting audits.   

  • Keyless Entries
  • Sunset Reflections provides state-of-the-art keyless entry systems for all of our homes under management.   This web based system provides easy access for our guests and protects your home.  You can have peace of mind that strangers won’t be traipsing through your property because these locks record the date, time and codes, allowing us to audit who has been in your home any time, any day.  These locks are purchased by Sunset Reflections at no charge to you.

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